Playing computer games excessively is bad for children

The development of science and technology has been changing people’s daily life, people invented the smartphone and the laptop and tablets. These electronic products bring a lot of convenience to our life, but they also give us many troubles. For example, people are addicted to smartphones;  they walk on the street, while they look at their smartphone.  Particularly, games are a big problem for children as well as parents. I am not saying that all games are bad for children, some games can give children helpful experience and growth. However, another part of the games has had effects on children.

First, extreme gaming discourages children from learning and from not talking to people face to face anymore. You may not know the severity of the situation in China. we still can see some children play in the park or playground, maybe they play basketballs and soccer in America. But in China, this is not common, some children play the games on their phone in the home with their friends, they do not go outsides, so they just use the Internet to connect games, so they can play together. Usually, they play a long time with their phone in their room, some children pretend to study in the room, but, playing games with their mobile phones, such as examples in Wenling city.


In this picture, three boys are playing on this cell phone. They look like around 8 years old, they are not talking to each other, they are focusing on this cell phone. maybe they are playing together. In these ages, they should have fun with their friends on the outside. Games Control children’ minds and times.

For example, two months ago, I used my phone talk to my older sister who is in China. When we talked about her son, she was proud of her son worried about her son. I asked her why did she worry about her son, she said, she brought a phone for her son because she can get in touch with her son by phone and get information about him, but her son always uses phone to play games, he also does not like to play sports and talked to me anymore, only play with his phone and discuss games information with his friends. Of course, I understand his mindset, because I grew up like that at that age. So, I explained a few words to my nephew. My sister said,” if he only plays a phone in the house that is fine, but he plays phone in the classes, the teacher told me twice already.” The teacher said, he does not study harder in the school, it also does affect my nephew’s study, her parents have no ideas with this problem, I think the most family has the same troubled. (There is research address that many students can spend the amount of time on their phones instead of being engaged with class)


Second, extreme gaming makes teenagers lose their way in life, even fail to distinguish the real world from the virtual world. (link) Many teenagers play computers all day, they don’t want to move their body, they eat and drink in front of the computer’s screen. One story is about myself, when I came to America, I played the games all days, I did not want to leave my room, I was also afraid of communicating with others. My parents talked to me many times, I did not want to change, only games could make me happy. In that time, it is my most decadent days.

Parents who try them best want to help this boy from computer games but this boy still wants to go to computer games deep. This picture also reflects that most Chinese parents educate their children in games but children are very younger, they only think about what can give them happy, they never come without thinking about the harm that games do to them

On the other hand, some teenagers want to play games as their jobs. Another story is about my friend. When he graduated from university, he told to his parents, he wants to be a gamer to earn money. His parents certainly didn’t agree at first, but with his determination, his parents supported him. I can’t say this is a bad idea, maybe this way can help them to earn much money, but one day they will be old, do they still play games to make a living? (link) Also, we must think about another issue, if every teenager wants to play games making money, who will be our teachers, doctors and human resources in other social positions. This will affect the development trend of the society in the future.

Also, excessive gaming can harm human bodies. Sitting at a desk in school, watching TV or playing inactive screen- based games are increasingly common. Extreme games discourage children from playing outside. Many teenagers spend too much time on the computer, resulting in different degrees of physical injury. (link) Sitting in front of the computer for a long time will not only make your eyes tired but also cause discomfort if you don’t sit properly, you could feel your back and shoulder uncomfortably. This will cause diseases of old age They only think about games can make them happy, but they do not think about games also can give them harms.

The computer said, “ if you usually play me, you will get a pair of glasses as a gift. Many teenagers spend too much time on the computer, resulting in different degrees of physical injury.

Finally, Games bring us only temporary happiness, we should combine work with rest. If you play fewer games and do other things every day, you will feel that you have a full day. For example, I have started to reduce my playing time every day, even sometimes I don’t turn on the computer, because I think I do something other than games, like fitness, it also can make me very happy, not only strengthen my body, but also make me good at communication.

This picture is very ironically, it shows us many teenagers play computers all day, they don’t want to move their body, they eat and drink in front of the computer’s screen. You can see, this boy’s eyes are dizzy but he is still playing his games or others.

In conclusion, As I said, playing games uncontrollably does some serious harm. Most Chinese parents educate their children in games, but children are very younger, they only think about what can give them happy, they never come without thinking about the harm that games do to them. I just want to remind the parents of students to recognize their own ideas, do not let the children go astray, and help them experience different things.

Journal Entry #8 – final extra-credit

In this semester, I learned a lot of things in writing. Before I was in an ESL writing class,  I only learned how to have good grammar in the writing. The professor only gave us simple examples, such as in the writing, we need a topic, body paragraphs, support details and, in conclusion. she did not tell us how can we do next. Those things also in Chinese writing we do this way. However, this semester, I know how to connect sentences and paragraphs, this is very important for me, before I only write a half sentence, I do not give readers reason. Also, in my second paper, I learned new things from my friend, It’s not just the stories and the good things about my friends. This paper talk about my friends, I introduced my friend to the reader in the third person. In my writing, I mostly talk about myself or social problems. This is my big challenge, and I am so happy, you understood my friend’s story. Another new thing is the last paper, in this project, It’s not just a paper for a professor, it’s a proposal for a reminder. It’s very formal and official for me.

In this class, of course, I had difficult and challenging. For example, I was very nervous when you talk to me with my paper because I was afraid you would deny my opinions, but after the second paper, you confirmed my idea and gave me some encouragement, I was really happy. On the other hands, when we discuss as a group, I am nervous too because they are good at English, they speak fast, I could not follow and understand them.

Right now, I think I am better than I just came to college. In my college writing, I still have some shortcoming, I also need to study harder. In the way of learning, we cannot find the end, In China, we have the idiom that is “knowledge has no limit”. No matter in this class or in my future study career, I will try my best!!!

Finally, thank you for your teaching, you are a friendly professor, you gave me a lot of help, push me on my writing, nice to meet you!

Journal Entry #7

When I sent this paper to my friend, she was very interested in my writing. First, she thought my writing skill is better than before, for example, I had good grammar and deep sentences in the paper. before she helped me to correct my paper, I had a lot of questions. Second, she wants to know how much information that I knew about her. For example, her lifestyle is very simple in “ABC” life, she wants to know do I really know between Chinese students and “ABC” different.  Third, she was very surprised that her story can encourage me and make me change my life in here. In this project, I learned a lot of things, for example, when I write new articles, I have to give readers clearly information. I also learned new things from my friend, something we do not need to quit and give up, maybe we can do them better. In the writing, we need to connect the sentences in the context, that is very important in the paper, it also makes our articles perfect and let readers understand meaning quickly. Finally,  grammar is important too. when we introduce someone’s story, we should use the past tense.

Journal Entry #6

After my literacy narrative, I really have much writing experience want to talk. When I wrote my literacy narrative, I had vocabulary and grammar problem but this was a minor difficulty for me. Big problem was that I did not have a good introduction and conclusion,  I could not combine with the context and made my article confusing. Also, I gave some examples, I did not give some details to explain clearly. I always these things and those parts in one paragraph. However, on the teacher’s suggestion, I know a good article needs an introduction, conclusion and many details. In this way, I could let readers more interested in reading my articles. I learned many things in this writing. In my essay, I was happy I had a clear main idea. that was crucial. A good main idea is like a heart in a human’s body.  Introduction and conclusion such as blood vessels and bodies. Use more examples and details make human grow. All things must connect, that can make readers read articles more comfortable and interesting. As a writer, I am very clear to myself, I used a lot of common words in my writing, I have to remember more words for my future writing. On the other hand, I know a good article should have a good introduction, that can attract readers to keep reading.

Journal Entry 5-Is Talking White Actually a Thing?

This video address shows us different examples which are different background people speak different English. Let us know people how to speak in different ways and give some opinions. A person by sound judgment to know he or she is black or white persons. Also, they describe the impact on society by way of examples. The way people speaking style depends on the social background in which they live. on the one hand, this society has been formed, each person has judged them according to how they speak. When I am done with this video, I agree with what they are saying. America is an immigrant country, there are different culture of people here. For example, black men do generally have deeper toned voices but not all and the environment also has a lot to do with it sometimes, on the other hand, like using of words in English also shows different people. we could judge people by how they speak.

Aja Y. Martinez “Personal Reflection” – Journal entry #4

A good story must has good beginning, paragraph body and ending.  A background story and an interesting topic sentence can attract readers continue to read. Also, it needs a main idea that shows what  author want to talk or give readers more information. For me, I like to read narratives. as a reader, I can imagine what will happen in the story. through story line to understand characters. The story moves the readers along with the plot, let readers go into the story. on the others hand, the languages in story should be informal, if a story uses many formal vocabulary, that reads like reading the newspaper. I think Martinez wrote this article give readers more information and thinking space, it maybe has same situation people can understand it better. But we also can through this article to know author writes. As an English is my second language student,  sometime I am not confidence when I talk to Americans or others. Chinese is my native language, I came here almost three years, but some news Chinese I don’t understand meaning.

McCulloch “Why Do You Think You Are Right about Language? You’re Not” – Journal entry #3

“Why Do You Think You Are Right about Language? You’re Not” by McCulloch explain everyone speaks different languages, those languages are not regularly, they have different meaning but it depends different situations. So nobody speak correctly standard English, certainly, nobody speak incorrectly English. The author talk about “micro language” that is the various structures inside our brain that contain knowledge of what it is to be a speaker of English and another way show us “dialects” that is made up of geographic, population, age, race, gender and education. Different environments have unique languages. For example, my friend who was born here told me in some parts of the southern United States, people call coke “pop”, but in New York, we all call it “soda”. I used  dictionary to check “pop”, it really means popular but it still have “pop” meaning. so in a sense, languages don’t have really meaning. on the other hand, McCulloch also think we can not only study by books, people need to have conversation with real speaker, you can get new vocabulary. As an English is my second language student, before I thought read English books and remember vocabulary could help my English skills better but all my friends told me, I have to talk to people, it will improve my English more quickly. That is why I could learn some slang from others. Only through communication can make people find that more new words are used by people. in this case, there is no “good English” whether “dialects” or various authoritative texts, only use many times English that is “good English”.

Academia, love me back -Journal Entry #2

“Academia, Love Me Back”, by Tiffany Martínez is about there are many sad stories behind author’s success. in order to obtain all of her accomplishments and award, she encountered many obstacles and difficulties. Many people have some prejudice against her because her name and appearance, so her classmates and professors used language badly to her. she tried to forget those bad things, put her emotions aside and study harder. until one day, her professor gave back a paper in front of the class and said “this is not your language”. when she knew that, she was very sad, but this situation did not make she give up, she still work harder, and wrote this article to describe her emotions. On the article last part, author knew that “no matter how hard I try or how well I write, these biases will continue to exist around me.” Just as Lunsford, Ruszkiewicz, and Walters “Arguments Based on Emotion” , this article is showed that appeal to emotion. We know emotion could influence our life , Tiffany showed her idea to others people, that is why Tiffany showed this article to others people. This article purpose is that when we are in trouble, we usually make decisions on our emotions. but we have to think how can we get better, rather than being influenced by the outside world.  so we have to avoid it happens. in my life, I don’t want use my emotion to influence others, I think that is really bad to friends, but I can not avoid influence by my friends.

Mothers Tongue – Journal Entry #1

“Mothers Tongue” by Amy Tan, shows Amy Tan as a writer, language is the tool of her trade and she uses them all–all the Englishes she grew up with. The article showed us some examples that an Asian American writer found she use different English talk to her mother. Her mother uses “broken English” in her life. Her mother’s English doesn’t convey what she really means, so no matter where, many people did not understand her, or even acted as if they did not hear her. This is very common in my life with Chinese. For my family,when my parents get stranger’s phone call, I have to use “broken English” talk with them. but they were very nice to waiting for me, they gave me time to explain my questions. Finally, I want to talk about what is the called “broken English” related to whether the listener listens carefully, when a listener show impatient action to speaker, this make speaker nervous, it’s hard to say really meaning. As a reader I understand this article talks about what, when foreigners live in different culture countries, they need to solve languages problem. Different cultures have different languages, this means culture influence people’s study and life. Asian students like math, they can get good grade on math classes, but they don’t like join creative writing programs because some Chinese students are not good at English skills, that’s why so many Chinese students go into engineering.