Aja Y. Martinez “Personal Reflection” – Journal entry #4

A good story must has good beginning, paragraph body and ending.  A background story and an interesting topic sentence can attract readers continue to read. Also, it needs a main idea that shows what  author want to talk or give readers more information. For me, I like to read narratives. as a reader, I can imagine what will happen in the story. through story line to understand characters. The story moves the readers along with the plot, let readers go into the story. on the others hand, the languages in story should be informal, if a story uses many formal vocabulary, that reads like reading the newspaper. I think Martinez wrote this article give readers more information and thinking space, it maybe has same situation people can understand it better. But we also can through this article to know author writes. As an English is my second language student,  sometime I am not confidence when I talk to Americans or others. Chinese is my native language, I came here almost three years, but some news Chinese I don’t understand meaning.

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3 Replies to “Aja Y. Martinez “Personal Reflection” – Journal entry #4”

  1. I agree with you that vocabulary is important because it helps the reader relate to the author. I like your idea that the main idea moves the story along which makes it easy to follow. Thank you for sharing, good job!!

  2. So you are saying depending on your audience, you have to be careful in your word choice? This is a great point! But also think about a professional context where you share many technical terms with your audience. Do you think that also affects the way you communicate then?

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