Journal Entry #7

When I sent this paper to my friend, she was very interested in my writing. First, she thought my writing skill is better than before, for example, I had good grammar and deep sentences in the paper. before she helped me to correct my paper, I had a lot of questions. Second, she wants to know how much information that I knew about her. For example, her lifestyle is very simple in “ABC” life, she wants to know do I really know between Chinese students and “ABC” different.  Third, she was very surprised that her story can encourage me and make me change my life in here. In this project, I learned a lot of things, for example, when I write new articles, I have to give readers clearly information. I also learned new things from my friend, something we do not need to quit and give up, maybe we can do them better. In the writing, we need to connect the sentences in the context, that is very important in the paper, it also makes our articles perfect and let readers understand meaning quickly. Finally,  grammar is important too. when we introduce someone’s story, we should use the past tense.

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  1. I hope sharing this paper gave you more opportunities to talk with your friend, Ce!

    Just one point about what you said at the end about grammar: Grammar is only important to serve our meaning and intention. In other words, grammar is not everything, but I want you to think about how the way we communicate often times is limited by the grammar as we know it. For example, it’s not just because you are introducing your friend’s story that you need to use past tense. It is because you were talking about something that happened in the past (not anymore right now) that you needed to use past tense. Otherwise, your readers may think that your friend is going through somethings right now or always. Hope this makes sense!

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